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Yakima, WA Drain Cleaning & Drainage Services

Dependable Expert Drain Cleaning Service Plumbers in Yakima for all of your clogged drains

Dependable Expert Drain Cleaning Service Plumbers in Yakima for all of your clogged drains

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24 Rooter of Yakima Is Your Top-Rated Drain Cleaning Specialist Team

*Centrally Located in Yakima Washington 

For All Your Drain Cleaning And Drain Repair Needs.

Dependable Expert Drain Cleaning Service Plumbers in Yakima for all of your clogged drains

Dependable Expert Drain Cleaning Service Plumbers in Yakima for all of your clogged drains

Dependable Expert Drain Cleaning Service Plumbers in Yakima for all of your clogged drains

Tired of standing in a puddle of slow draining water in your shower? Is your kitchen sink backing up into your dishwasher? Or what about that annoying bathroom sink that the kids keep clogging up with hair and toothpaste? Did your liquid drain plumber chemical fail to get you flowing? Store bought drain chemicals can sometimes lead to more harm than good to your Yakima drain system as they are corrosive to different piping material. Or perhaps you bought a consumer-grade drain snake that left you more frustrated instead of flowing? Time to call the Expert Drain Cleaning Plumbers at 24 Rooter 1+ (509) 985-2407

Household drains tend to plug up at the most inconvenient times. A lot of the time this is caused by old drain piping systems that are still useable but rough on the inside. Galvanized drains are a good example of old pipes that are found throughout the Yakima Valley. These type of drain tend to become rusty and pitted on the inside as they age, causing a restricted flow. Another drain nuance is corrosion and weak spots at the drain fittings and bends. Debris such as food particles, hair and foreign objects will get caught up on these rough fittings slowly over time until eventually the drain becomes stopped up and need to be cleaned out by a professional plumber with all the necessary tools and experience to tackle your Yakima drain system.

Clogged Drains in Yakima Done The Right Way!

Dependable Expert Drain Cleaning Service Plumbers in Yakima for all of your clogged drains

Clogged Drains in Yakima Done The Right Way!

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The team of plumbers at 24 Rooter Of Yakima have over 26 years of dealing with backed up and clogged drains of every kind. When it comes to the health of your Yakima Washington household drain system, you want to make sure that you are hiring drain plumbing experts and not just anyone that claims to provide drain service, You want to know that the company you are hiring has extensive experience in the drain cleaning field of work. This should be very important to you when you want to have your drain backups fixed the right way. When you call 24 Rooter of Yakima at (509) 985-2407 you will always get an expert drain cleaning specialist that will arrive at your home on-time and ready to assist you.

Our Commitment To Drain Cleaning Excellence in Yakima, WA


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When you hire a 24 Rooter plumber, you are getting a huge advantage for your drain cleaning service.

  • Our Drain Plumbers Arrive On-Time

  • We Treat Your House Or Place Of Business Like It Was Our Own

  • Our Drain Cleaning Technicians Are Highly Trained And Knowledgeable About The Exact Drain That They Are Working On.

  • We Carry All Of The Proper Tools That A Professional Drain Cleaning Company Should Have Onboard To Do The Job Correctly.

  • Upon Completion. Our Drain Plumbers Have Been Trained To Go Over A 5 Point Checklist of Plumbing Tips Regarding Your Drain.

  • Full Warranties On All Drain Cleaning  Services.

  •  Yakima Drain Cleaning Services Are Price Protected With Flat-Rate Pricing.

4K Video- Drain Cleaning in Yakima, WA

Amazing up close Yakima Drain Cleaning video in 4K. A start to finish footage of a clogged drain being snaked.

We Service Any Drain In Yakima, WA And Surrounding Areas

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At 24 Rooter of Yakima we service and clean any and all types of drains. From sewer drains to irrigation pipes, kitchen drains, laundry drains, basement drains, restaurant drains, industrial drains and more. See our extensive list of yakima drains that we service.

Each and every drain has a uniquely different approach as to how it can and should be cleaned. Our Yakima Plumbing team has adapted the best methods to achieve optimal cleaning success over the course of many years Including the use of hydro jetting drain cleaning and in some cases we have and use Air Ram trap blasting technology for emergency situations. 

We mostly use prosumer grade Ridgid Brand drain cleaning equipment and snake cables for their robustness, reliability, maneuverability and portability features to get into tight spaces where some drain equipment cannot access. Our sewer drain machines are one example of this. Our full sized sewer cleaning equipment can fit through smaller than average doorways and tight turns where we need to get our equipment into a bathroom or down a winding staircase to access a basement at the customer’s home in Yakima or in a commercial kitchen or business office with a narrow area to work in.

Full List Of Yakima Drain Cleaning Services by 24 Rooter

List Of Our Yakima, WA Drain Cleaning Services

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Our local Yakima Drain plumbers provide commercial and  residential drain cleaning  / rooter service in Yakima, Union Gap and Selah WA for the following plumbilong drain types.

Below is a full extensive list of household and industrial drains that we clean and service.

  • Main Sewer Line Cleaning / Snaking
  • Clogged Drains 
  • Bathroom Sink Drains
  •  Bathtub Drains
  •  Shower Drain Lines
  •  Kitchen Drain Line Cleaning
  • Laundry Drains
  • Laundry Tub Sink Drains 
  • Bar Sink Drains 
  • Floor Drains 
  • Commercial Floor Sinks
  • Clogged Toilets 
  • Sump Pump Drain Lines 
  • Ejector Pump Drain Lines 
  • Basin Catch Drains 
  • Clogged French Drains
  •  Area Drains 
  • Storm Drains 
  • Parking Lot Drains 
  • Car Wash & Wash Pit Drains
  • Trough Drains
  • Roof Drains
  • Grease Trap Cleaning 
  • Household Grey Water Tanks
  • Irrigation End-Of-Line Drain Offs

If a drain is not on this list, we have done it!

Video- Kitchen Drain Cleaning Service in Yakima

Kitchen Drain Plugged in Yakima, WA

Video- Laundry Drain Snaking

Laundry Drain in Yakima, WA Clogged With Pet Hair 

Yakima Drain Cleaning Blog

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Take a look at some of our kitchen, tub and shower drain photos with detailed description.

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Why Choose Our Drain Cleaning Services?

Take a quick look at our plumbing and drain service and decide for yourself.

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We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is final. For emergency drain cleaning nearby Yakima, to get a free in-house quote, or if you have questions or special requests, just give us a call and one of our best Yakima plumbers will  answer right away or get back with you as soon as possible during open office hours 6AM-2PM. We are usually able prioritize drain cleaning services right away to work around your schedule. We look forward to clearing you drains today

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