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Quick Frozen Plumbing Pipes Thawing Service at 24 Rooter of Yakima

In the event of having your plumbing pipes freeze up in Yakima, WA you can rest assured that the team at 24 Rooter of Yakima can handle any frozen pipe thawing situation you may encounter in a quick and efficient manner.

We lead the plumbing field in frozen plumbing emergencirs with our technically advanced thawing machinery. Our Yakima plumbers can assist you with any frozen pipe whether it is beneath your house in your crawl space or a pipe underground. 

Our many years of Yakima plumbing pipe thawing experience motivated us to design our very own thawing equipment that was developed in Italy. We can thaw out any and all plumbing pipes including plastic pipes in a fraction of the time that it used to take in the past methods that most plumbers are still using today.

Our newest system virtually eliminates all the risk of rupture to the pipes or melting during the thawing procedur. This was a very important aspect for us to overcome and we finally did it. 

  It is all very critical to be able to serve as many customers as fast as possible when pipes are freezing so that there is less risk to their plumbing the longer it sets there frozen and possibly rupturing before a plumber has time to get to their location. 

Yakima frozen pipes thawing service by 24 Rooter

Yakima frozen pipe thawing service by 24 Rooter

Yakima, WA Frozen Plumbing Pipes Prevention Tips

What you can do to prevent frozen plumbing pipes in Yakima, WA


Taking a few precautionary steps ahead of the freezing  winter weather should be on your plumbing list.

  1. Make sure that the crawl space access cover is sealed off very well and wind tight without any cracks.
  2. Be sure to close crawl space vents around your home. If your home does not lhve closable louvers you could put some insulation in the vents and cover  the vents with boards.
  3. Remove all hoses  from outside faucets including the frost-free hose bibs.
  4. When the overnight temperatures are forecasted to freeze, leave sink cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate.
  5. Leave a small stream of hot and cold water running in 2 sinks at opposite ends of your home overnight.
  6. Go to a local Yakima, WA hardware store and purchase some over-the-pipe foam tubing insulation to wrap around your plumbing in the crawl space.

Frozen Pipes | Pro Plumbing Tips


  • Turn off your water by locating  your main water shut off valve to your house or the breaker switch to your well pump to relieve any added pressure to your plumbing system until our Yakima plumbing team arrives.
  • Thermal heat tape should be checked every year to make sure it is operational. Don’t trust the light indicator alone. Unplug the tape (for safety) and immediately feel the tape physically to make sure it is warm and if so, plug it back in. Otherwise you may need to replace it. Heating tape does fail over time.

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When Should I Be Concerned About My Pipes Freezing in Yakima?

Pipe thawing in winter 24 rooter of yakima

The time to start being concerned about freezing pipes in the Yakima region is when the weather is predicted to be down into the low 20’s overnight temperatures.

Although we generally don’t start to hear from Yakima customers until the temperatures reach single digits, it is best to prepare ahead of time rather than having a plumbing emergency with frozen pipes and possible worse damage such as a ruptured pipe due to freezing temperature.

How To Thaw Frozen Plumbing Pipes & When To Call A Plumber



How To Thaw Frozen Pipes.

Some of the more commonly known ways thaw frozen plumbing pipes can be useful if you are a do-it-yourselfer and feel confident to give it a try.

Getting some heat onto the pipes and preventing them from anymore exposure to cold winter air is the most important goal when thawing pipes.

Thawing Frozen Pipes Can Be Extremely Dangerous

House fire

There have been numerous cases of homeowners attempting to thaw out their plumbing in the Yakima Valley that have lead to house fires.

There have been a few news reports over the years about house fires caused by pipe thawing. Most of the time these fires are caused by fire-based propane heaters or even electric heaters that are left unattended.

While we understand how important it is to get frozen plumbing in Yakima thawed out quickly before damage occurs, there are far worse consequences from amateur DIYs that don’t know the dangers and limitations of thawing pipes.

Traditional Pipe Thawing Methods Can Cause Damage to Your Plumbing

Old leaking pipe

Some do-it-yourself enthusiasts will try to resolve their frozen plumbing situation based on some self research about pipe thawing methods that they find in online forums that are based on consumer word of mouth.

While these pipe thawing tips articles have well meaning intention, they tend to lack information about safety and the various different types of pipe material that the plumbing is made from and the age of the plumbing that they are trying to thaw out. Each and every type of plumbing pipe has its own set of rules and methodology to the proper procedure to safely thaw the pipe effectively without causing damage to the plumbing itself.

At 24 Rooter of Yakima we have seen damaged plumbing that a well intended homeowner caused to the pipes.

As mentioned before, we solved this frozen plumbing damage issue a few years back with our proprietary pipe thawing equipment that will not damage any type of pipe or it’s age. 24 Rooter is your go-to plumbing company for frozen plumbing.

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