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Some Yakima plumbing situations are best left to Hydro Jetting. With high velocity water our Yakima hydro jet units can handle the limitations of traditional drain cleaning equipment by using high water pressure with a jet propulsion blasting away all of the debris inside of a drain pipe at pressures up to 3000 to 5000 psi while remaining completely safe on household pipes. 

Our team at 24 Rooter of Yakima has experience using hydro jetting units going back to 2003 prior to our company’s formation. So we really know our hydro jetting and we are highly skilled with these machines in all kinds of different drain situations over the years that we have been operating jetters.

Hydro Jetting Advantages

24 rooter of yakima hydro jetting machine. Plumbing drain service

A specialized drain cleaning machine known by the plumbing industry as a hydro jet has become a plumber’s  favorite go-to solution for extremely clogged pipes and our Yakima plumbers have certainly embraced these machines and we use hydro jetters whenever necessary to aid in our Yakima Drain cleaning department of our service.

As household drains age over time they can collect and build up gunk inside of them with hardened powder laundry soap, hair, grease, soap scum, biomaterial, hygiene products and the like. This extreme type of sludge and slurry can become very difficult for a drain snake to maneuver through. 

The hydro jet makes quick work of these type of situations because the jetting nozzles blast pinhole sized streams  of water at anything in it’s path, devouring the blockage into small broken pieces. 

Different Hydro Jetting Spray Nozzles For Each Drain Situation

24 rooter yakima hydro jetter service with jetting nozzles

Each and every hydro jetting job site in Yakima is different and unique. At 24 Rooter Of Yakima we stock a vast variety of hydro jetting nozzles for any kind of blockage that our plumbers might encounter

Specialty nozzles are designed specifically for different types of clogged  up drain pipes and irrigation pipes.

A standard 4 spray pattern works very well for most clogged drains as it uses 1 forward cutting and blasting pinpoint sprayer and 3 thruster back sprayers to propel the jetter down the pipe and assist with breaking up the blockage debris.

Our Yakima Hydro Jetters are Safe On Pipes.

Yakima hydro Jet scouring and scrubbing a drain pipe illustration

One of the best and most unique features of a hydro Jet is it’s ability to blast away debris within a pipe, yet remain safe to the piping itself, even at pressures up to 5000 psi.  

As depicted in the photo, the jetter nozzles scour and scrub the inside of the pipe-walls throughout the entire inner circumference with the needle sharp sprayers but the sprayers does not hurt the pipe.

These sprayers disintegrate roots and dislodge the blockage very effectively.

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Hydro Jetting Service in Yakima County, Washington 

24 Rooter Yakima Hydro Jetting Equipment

Yakima plumbers hydro jetting a sewer in yakima wa irrigation plumbing service

We Have a Wide Variety of  Yakima Drain Jetting, Sewer Jetting and Irrigation Jetting Tools ready to tackle your hydro jet needs in Yakima, Selah, Union Gap and Wapato, WA. 

  • 1/8" Jetting Hose - for use on small drains such as clogged kitchen drains 
  • 1/4" Jetting Hose - on a remote hose reel for hard to reach drains and rooftops
  •  1/2" Sewer & Irrigation Hose -for ultimate high pressure Hydro Jetting and Root Cutting


We carry onboard a large assortment of jetting head nozzles that are designed for specific jetting tasks.

  •  Grease blasting nozzles 
  • Ice breaker heads
  • Sewer flushing nozzles
  •  Spin Jet Nozzles
  • Root Cutting / Blasting Jetter Heads
  • Irrigation Mud Flushing Heads
  • Penetration Nozzles
  • Cornering Jetter Nozzles
  • And more

We are a Top Provider of Yakima Hydro Jetting service. We serve jetter services throughout the county.

  • Residential customers
  • Industrial Warehouse Production Lines
  • Farm Irrigation Lines
  • Farm Produce Packing Line Drains
  • Car Wash Pits
  • And More

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Yakima hydro Jetting

One of our Yakima hydro jetting job sites. Cleaning out a muddied irrigation pipe. 

More About Hydro Jetting

Yakima Hydro Jetting Costs


The expense to own, operate and maintain professional hydro jetting machinery and it’s add-on equipment can get very expensive for a plumbing company to use.

Hydro Jetting is situational. There are times when it is the only drain machine that will accomplish the job and there are other times when it will be more economic than a traditional drain snake cable cleaning, even at the higher cost.

The price of hydro jetting generally  costs anywhere from $150 to 300 more than a drain cleaning snake in most cases.

When Do You Need A Yakima Hydro Jetting Service?

Yakima plumber hydro Jetting a backed up sewer at a apartment building in yakima

There may come a time when you might want to consider having a reputable Yakima hydro jetting company come resolve your drain or sewer problem. 

  1. A hydro jetting machine is a necessity for a sewer drain line that has a sunken sewer pipe.
    In the photo depicted above, a Yakima, WA apartment building is pictured with a ongoing sewer issue that caused the pipe to backup often because of a mistake from the original main sewer installation when the property was built. The trench for the sewer pipe to be placed into might have been over-dug and the soil wasn't compacted properly which in turn lead to the sewer pipe settling over time in the trench.These sunken sewer pipes are also common by nature alone. Yakima, Washington has it's fair share of weather changes which causes soil to shift over time from snow buildup that in turn melts rapidly, then re-freezes and eventually thaws out again causing havoc.
  2. Old Sewer Main Pipes. As we have mentioned before, Yakima, Washington has it's fair share of older homes that still have the original side sewer line from when the home was built. Hydro Jetting can be a lot gentler on these old pipes, especially concrete pipes.
  3. Grease buildup. Cable and snake machines leave a lot of sludge and grease buildup behind. A hydro jetter solves this problem by removing all of the grease from the inner pipe walls and flushes it completely out of the pipe.
  4. Commercial kitchen use. For the same reason mentioned in paragraph 3, hydro jetting is a preventive maintenance life saver for commercial restaurant kitchens in Yakima. Most restaurant and food prep businesses have grease interceptors but a small bit of grease bypasses these traps and builds up in the drain pipes.

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