Yakima Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services by 24 Rooter

Yakima, WA Drain Cleaning Services

Yakima plumbers using a sewer drain cleaning machine to remove roots in plumbing pipes

Our local plumbers provide commercial and  residential drain cleaning  / rooter service in Yakima, Union Gap and Selah WA for the following plumbing fixtures.

  • Main Sewer Line Cleaning / Snaking 
  • Bathroom Sink Drains
  •  Bathtub Drains
  •  Shower Drain Lines
  •  Kitchen Drain Line Cleaning
  • Laundry Drains
  • Laundry Tub Sink Drains 
  • Bar Sink Drains 
  • Floor Drains 
  • Commercial Floor Sinks
  • Clogged Toilets 
  • Sump Pump Drain Lines 
  • Ejector Pump Drain Lines 
  • Basin Catch Drains 
  • Clogged French Drains
  •  Area Drains 
  • Storm Drains 
  • Parking Lot Drains 
  • Car Wash & Wash Pit Drains
  • Trough Drains
  • Roof Drains
  • Grease Trap Cleaning 
  • Household Grey Water Tanks
  • Irrigation End-Of-Line Drain Offs

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Yakima, WA Plumbing Repair Services

yakima, wa plumbing repair and installation services selah union gap naches wapato

Local Plumbers Available for Plumbing Repair  and Installation Services in Yakima and Surrounding Areas.

  • Kitchen Faucet Repair or Replace
  •  Lavatory Faucet Repair or Replace
  • Leaky Tub Shower Faucet Repair or Replace
  • Toilet Parts Replacement
  •   Leaking Laundry Bibs 
  • Leaking Hose Bib Replacement Installed Leaking Shut Off Valves
  •  Leaky Stop Valves 
  • Leaking Water Supply Lines
  •  Hot Water Heater Supply Lines
  •  Leaking Yard  Hydrants 
  •  Garden  Yard Valves 
  • Dripping Waste Tubing and P-Trap Assembly
  • Toilet Upgrades
  • Water Softening

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Yakima, WA Video Sewer and Drain Camera Inspections

Yakima sewer drain camera inspections plumber in yakima giving demonstration

Plumbing & Sewer Inspections - Pipe Locating Services  in Yakima Valley

  • Drain Inspection Camera Service
  •  Sewer Line Video Camera Inspections
  • Electronic Underground Locating for sewer pipes and pinpointing broken or bad spots in sewer lines 
  • Electronic Underground Pipe or Cable Locating Service (transmitter connects to metal above ground and sends signal to receiver to pinpoint location of utility)  
  • Infrared Thermal Camera Inspections (can detect many issues including location of partially plugged drains. Can detect leaks under concrete floors, in walls, flood damage areas etc) 

(509) 985-2407

Yakima, WA Hydro Jetting Services

Yakima plumbers hydro jetting a sewer in yakima wa irrigation plumbing service

We Have a Wide Variety of  Yakima Drain Jetting, Sewer Jetting and Irrigation Jetting Tools ready to tackle your hydro jet needs in Yakima, Selah, Union Gap and Wapato, WA

  • 1/8" Jetting Hose - for use on small drains such as clogged kitchen drains 
  • 1/4" Jetter Hose - on a remote hose reel for hard to reach drains
  •  1/2" Sewer & Irrigation Hose -for ultimate high pressure Hydro Jetting and Root Cutting.  
  • We carry on board a large assortment of jetting head nozzles that are designed for specific tasks such as  Root cutting heads
  •  Grease blasting nozzles 
  • Ice breaker heads
  • Sewer flushing nozzles
  •  Spin Jets ... and we are always adding more equipment to our Hydro Jet setup

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Yakima, WA Plumbing Excavation

Yakima Plumbing excavation plumbers excavating a sewer drain pipe with an excavator

Underground Plumbing Excavation in Yakima

  • Water Service Line Excavation 
  • Broken Sewer Line Excavation & Repair Excavation For Sewer Line Clean-out Installation
  •  Septic System Repair Excavation
  •  Irrigation Trenching and Excavating

We have all the machinery and tools needed to get the job done! 

We will trim back or cut down any shrubbery need to access the trench location 

We do all of the concrete or pavement cutting to access the digging area 

We do any necessary jack hammering as needed 

We haul off our mess with a dump truck 

We haul in any necessary gravel or topsoil as needed for replacing the top surface of the trench.

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Other Plumbing Services Available in Yakima and Surrounding Areas

Yakima plumbers plumbing service van 24 rooter

Frozen Plumbing Pipe Thawing Service

We provide safe and fast recovery of frozen pipes. 

Our many years of pipe thawing experience motivated us to design our very own thawing equipment that was developed in Italy. We can thaw out any and all plumbing pipes including plastic pipes in a fraction of the time that it used to take in the past methods that most plumbers are still using today. Our newest system virtually eliminates all the risk of rupture to the pipes or melting during the thawing procedur. This was a very important aspect for us to overcome and we finally did it. It is all very critical to be able to serve as many customers as fast as possible when pipes are freezing so that there is less risk to their plumbing the longer it sets there frozen and possibly rupturing before a plumber has time to get to their location.

Leak Detection Service   

We have the equipment to detect and locate the following  

  • Indoor Water Leaks 
  • Sewer Smell Leaks 
  • Natural Gas Leaks 
  • Propane Leaks 

Acoustic Underground Leak Detection (coming soon)

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