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Yakima Washington Outdoor Plumbing From 24 Rooter

Yakima Washington Outdoor Plumbing From 24 Rooter

Yakima Washington Outdoor Plumbing From 24 Rooter

Old outdoor water hand pump 24 rooter Yakima plumbing

When it comes to outdoor plumbing in Yakima, WA you want to make sure you are working with a trustworthy plumbing company that has many years of experience with above ground and underground plumbing projects.

At 24 Rooter of Yakima we understand all of the intricate details of outdoor designed plumbing systems and all the safety procedures that should be followed when working around plumbing that may involve digging under the ground.

We have all the knowledge for outdoor plumbing projects and we also have equipment for locating any piping or electrical wires that should be located beforehand.

Frost Free Hose Bibs

Yakima Washington Outdoor Plumbing From 24 Rooter

Yakima Washington Outdoor Plumbing From 24 Rooter

Yakima outdoor frost free hose bib 24 rooter plumbing

Frost Free hose bibs are essential in the Yakima, WA winter environment and one of our many plumbing specialties at 24 Rooter happens to be hose bib replacement and upgrades.

We will convert your old leaking hose bib to a newer style anti-siphon bib faucet and we also upgrade your hose bib with an easy to remove fitting that only requires a set of pliers to change the hose bib in the future, should you ever need to replace it.


  • Hoses should always be removed in the cold winter months of Yakima to prevent freezing and damage to your frost free hose bibs.

More info about hose bibs coming soon!

Outdoors Yard Hydrants

Irrigation & Outdoor Plumbing Trenching

Irrigation & Outdoor Plumbing Trenching

Yakima yard hydrant installation 24 rooter plumbing

When it comes to your outdoors yard hydrant plumbing needs in Yakima, WA  24 Rooter has you covered. We have installed and made repairs to a large variety of yard hydrant brands for many years.

When you are in need of a new yard hydrant, we know which parts and current brands are going to be the best choice for you to choose from that will last for many years without issues and if a problem does occur, you will be able to get repair and rebuild kits to get them working like new. There are adjustments and valve plungers available to service your new hydrants.

More info about yard hydrants coming soon!

Irrigation & Outdoor Plumbing Trenching

Irrigation & Outdoor Plumbing Trenching

Irrigation & Outdoor Plumbing Trenching

Irrigation trenching with Plumber on backhoe 24 rooter Plumbing

24 Rooter is available for your Outdoor Plumbing trenching projects.

 Many Yakima residents often have special requests where they want to utilize parts of their property to accommodate irrigation or new yard hydrants and water for animal troughs and feed stations.

Other outdoor plumbing projects include plumbed gazebos, barbecue kitchenettes, pool area plumbing, pond and water features etc.

At 24 Rooter we have helped many clients achieve their outdoor plumbing features and trenching for several years. We have all the trenching equipment to help you on your next project.

More info about about water feature trenching.

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Outdoor Frost Free Hose Bib Upgrade

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