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Got a brand new brushed aluminum kitchen faucet? How about a new oil rubbed bronze lavatory faucet? Those brand new shiny fixtures you purchased at the big box hardware store can be easily installed by calling one of our fixture plumbing professionals In Yakima Washington at

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Our Yakima plumbers will get your faucet fixed fast and efficiently, making sure that your faucet is installed properly and plenty tight to the sink or counter that we attach it to. We want to make sure that your faucet doesn’t become loose over time and that you are happy with our install work for years down the road without any issues with your new faucet plumbing.


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Update Your Yakima, WA Plumbing Fixtures

You Deserve The Best Plumbing Faucets

Did you purchase a new bathroom or kitchen fixture and need it installed the right way by a professional? Call Us! We can install any Yakima plumbing fixture you have in your kitchen, mud room, vanity, bathroom or other room where you need a new fixture. 24 Rooter is your New Plumbing Fixture Installation Experts in Yakima, WA and we have a plumber available to work around your schedule. We can aid you in choosing a high quality faucet that matches your needs by a brand that is built to last.

Plumbing Fixture Repair Services in Yakima

Faucets are often a difficult repair, especially when the pipes have become un-serviceable an the fittings have become seized up. We can easily fix these faucet fixtures, call us at (509) 985-2407 

* If your faucet is not too old and outdated it might be more economical to make a repair to it. We will let you choose how you want to go about fixing it or replacing.

Sink & Faucet Repairs The Right Way!

At 24 Rooter we  have experience in dealing with all of the top name brand faucets and fixtures, From basic models to the designer options, our team has extensive knowledge of the inner workings of these fixtures to make a quick repair to your faucet.  Our plumbing service process in Yakima is fast, comprehensive and competitively priced. Call our office today at (509) 985-2407 or Book Your Service Online.

Why Yakima, WA Plumbing Faucets Fail

Common Plumbing Fixture Issues

Some of the Plumbing issues that homeowners run into with their faucets and fixtures are common.

  1. Loose Handles. The handles on the faucet become loose over time. This is a common issue that is sometimes a factory and / or installer problem where the handle tightness was not double checked at the time of service or replacement. If the loose handles are not properly adjusted in a timely manner it could lead to more costly damage to the faucet stem.
  2. Leaking or Dripping Fixtures. Faucets begin to start dripping when their internal plumbing mechanisms begin to wear out. Faucets can be equipped a single handle or dual handles. A single handle uses a mixing style cartridge internal part while a dual handle faucet normally uses a stem, packing, seat and washer-stop. Some of the newer dual handle faucets use a newer style improved stem that resembles a cartridge.
  3. Low Pressure. Low pressure at a faucet fixture can result from several issues. The most common are the aerator, hard water buildup, rust, or water heater debris that has built up within the main inner valve of the fixture.
  4. Loose Fixture Body. A plumbing fixture that is not installed properly by a professional plumber can end up with a lot of important but overlooked steps that are critical to the lifespan of every faucet. Many homeowners are not informed of these steps and do not have the specialized tools that are required.
  5. Hard Water.  Hard water is a very common plumbing fixture problem that depletes the life cycle of faucets and sprayers and shower heads etc.

Pro Plumbing Tip-

  • We recommend using top brand plumbing fixtures such as Moen, Delta or Price Pfister.
  • We prefer Moen Plumbing brand faucets and fixtures for quality and their factory warranties.

Yakima Plumbing Faucet Video

Here is a local Yakima, WA Plumbing repair video highlighting a kitchen faucet fixture valve replacement.

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