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Plumbing & Sewer Camera Drain Inspections - Pipe Locating Services  in Yakima, WA from a reputable sewer inspector for your home or business.

  • Drain Inspection Camera Service
  •  Sewer Line Video Camera Inspections
  • Electronic Underground Locating for sewer pipes and pinpointing broken or bad spots in sewer lines 
  • Electronic Underground Pipe or Cable Locating Service (transmitter connects to metal above ground and sends signal to receiver to pinpoint location of utility)  
  • Infrared Thermal Camera Inspections (can detect many issues including location of partially plugged drains. Can detect leaks under concrete floors, in walls, flood damage areas etc) 

Sewer Inspections & Pipe Locating Discounts

Yakima Sewer Inspection Camera and pipe locator photo at 24 rooter

24 Rooter of Yakima provides reasonably priced video sewer camera inspections and sewer locating services for commercial and residential properties throughout the greater Yakima, WA area. We have great discounts on sewer inspections when combined with a sewer rooter service. Call our sewer plumbers today.

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Our team of Yakima plumbing professionals can assist you with any broken drainage or sewer repair that may be discovered on the sewer camera. Visit our Yakima drain and sewer repair excavation service page for more details about how we can help you with your sewer system troubles.

Get Up And Close With Our Sewer Inspection Camera

Yakima sewer camera inspection demonstration photo

As our valued Yakima customer, we want you to get up close to our sewer inspection camera to take a look on screen with us as our sewer inspector shows you a full 90 degree angle of your sewer pipe. 

Our sewer technicians will explain what you are looking at on the camera as they scope the pipe, pointing out the areas of the pipe that are normal and other sections of the sewer line that may have problems like broken or offset  joints. Other issues such as root intrusions and sunken or sagging pipe sections will also be visible on the sewer camera.

We like to have our customers completely involved in the sewer inspection process so that we can explain everything that is on the video camera and give complete details during the process, which we believe is a better way to provide our service. We can also provide sewer camera footage to customers that can’t be present during the inspection if needed, along with a description of that video footage.

Smart Homebuyers Need A Video Sewer Inspection In Yakima, WA

Homebuyers special for yakima Sewer Inspection by 24 rooter

Are you considering buying a home in the greater Yakima, WA area? A sewer inspection by a professional sewer plumber should be at the top of your list of tasks that you need to check off. At 24 Rooter of Yakima we have 20 plus years of inspecting sewer pipes throughout the Yakima Valley.
Those years of experience equate to us knowing what we are looking at on the video camera and years of knowing how severe or non-severe the case might be. 

We can determine if the sewer pipe has a major potential problem that you as a homebuyer would want to know about ahead of time, or peace of mind knowing that your sewer is in good shape for years to come. 

Be smart about your investment and make sure to schedule an expert sewer inspector from 24 Rooter Of Yakima to video camera your sewer pipe before you purchase your home.

Always trust a home sewer inspection to a pro sewer plumber for an accurate analysis of your main sewer pipe. 24 Rooter of Yakima has a reputation for getting you the proper results that you need to know about your sewer before your home purchase as part of your home inspection.

Locating Your Yakima Sewer Pipe Problem With The Underground Transmitter

Yakima sewer camera radio receiver locator

Yakima, WA Sewer Pipe Locating Service.

Once your Yakima sewer problem has been visualized on our video sewer camera by our inspector, the next step is to find the exact location of the problem by using our underground radio transmitter that is built into the sewer camera head.

We then use an above ground radio frequency receiver that detects the exact location and depth of the sewer camera head through a series of triangulation procedures that the receiver unit performs automatically for pinpoint accuracy. It’s all a bit technical but it works flawlessly to locate the sewer problem so that it can be dug up and repaired when needed.

Save Money & Piece of Mind With A Video Sewer Drain Inspection

24 rooter sewer plumbing inspection video camera with yakima plumber

If you are like most people you may not consider that there is a huge benefit to scoping your sewer drain line. 

The pay off that you get when you decide to go ahead and make a decision to have 24 Rooter of Yakima inspect your sewer drain is that you get to know what’s really going on inside your sewer system.

Some of the big advantages of a sewer camera diagnosis are the following

  1.  The camera will show if there are any mysterious water leaks coming from your home that is costing you extra money on your water bill.
  2. Same as number 1. If you are on a septic system you want to know if there are water leaks in the house plumbing before it saturates or destroys your drain field.
  3. You really should know what kind of condition your sewer system is in to know whether there are any pesky tree or shrub roots that are trying to grow inside the pipe before they completely take over the sewer and ruin the pipe so that you can get them treated and killed off.
  4. It would be beneficial to know if there any low spots in the pipe that will trap sewage inside your sewer main and cause a backup when you least expect it. By knowing of a low spot you can either repair the section or use some temporary maintenance routines to get by until it can be repaired properly.
  5. The sewer inspection camera can also be used to locate exactly where your sewer line is located on your property so that if you have any plans of landscaping or constructing anything on your property you will have piece of mind knowing which areas of the property to avoid building on top of your sewer.

Yakima Sewer Scope Camera Inspections

In this video we show you our entire sewer drain video camera inspection service and showing the customer what it looks like on the inspection screen.

Sewer Inspector in Yakima, WA Video

Yakima Sewer Inspector at 24 Rooter using the video drain camera to identify a problem in a customer’s sewer drain.

Sewer Inspection in Yakima, WA at a local packaging business restrooms with footage of snaking the sewer line after the camera diagnosis.

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