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Take a moment to browse our Yakima Plumbing videos and the story about the video. We try to add a little bit of extra information in the description of each video and links to where you can learn more about the story topic.

24 Rooter of Yakima Plumbing Company Introduction

Started in 2013 and based on highly ethical business standards, 24 Rooter is one of Yakima, Washington's top providers of plumbing services. We specialize in drain cleaning, sewer root removal, video sewer inspections, pipe locating, grease trap cleaning pumping, hydro jetting service, septic system repair and restoration, frozen pipe thawing and much more. We offer flat rates on most all of our plumbing work and we have a 100% guarantee on all our work with warranties. Revolutionary Plumbing.

24 Rooter of Yakima Plumbing Videos

Yakima Grease Trap Cleaning Service-Odor Free Technology

Our new odor free grease trap cleaning system. First use case at one of our largest commercial customers Wray’s IGA Food & Drug. 7200 W. Nob Hill Blvd Yakima, WA 98908 The new exhaust on the pump-out system eliminates 98% of the odor and consolidates the smell to a 6 foot area around the pump unit making the service to the grease trap tolerable to employees working in the area. We also use an organic grease treatment during the process to help eliminate more..Learn more on YouTube

Yakima Farm House Plumbing

At 24 Rooter of Yakima we provide plumbing services throughout Yakima county. Many older farm homes have older plumbing systems that differ from standard plumbing that are common within city limits. For instance, in this video the kitchen drain is separate from the septic system that the other drains throughout the home share. This kitchen drain has a separate tank referred to as a grease trap tank which filters out the residual grease from the kitchen sink...continue story at YouTube

Plumbing issue at Yakima Elks Country Club Resolved

In this video we were called out to Yakima Elks Country Club. Someone had messed with the factory adjustments of the toilet in the guest bathroom causing the toilet to not flush properly, which in turn clogged the pipes. Being how the pipe underground that leads to the septic system is very old and sagging in the ground, the adjustment of the toilet caused an issue that would not allow the toilet to flush properly thereby causing a plumbing backup in the...continue reading at YouTube

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning in Yakima, WA

This drain cleaning job was near Yakima, WA in the Terrace Heights district. The kitchen drain was 1 of 2 kitchen drains in the basement of a adult living home. The upstairs kitchen sink, laundry, downstairs kitchen sink and shower were all connected together and clogged under the basement slab.   Our plumbers determined that the basement kitchen sink was the closest plumbing fixture to snake the drain pipe through. The waste tubing under the sink was not drain..follow the story on YouTube

Yakima Plumbers Install A Septic Aeration System

Our Yakima, WA plumbers install septic aeration for new or existing septic systems. These systems are designed to prolong the life of a drain field and recover failed drain fields. This video is a demonstration of the system after it has been installed to show what it looks like and to demonstrate how whisper quite the system is.  For more info about this product and our plumbing and drain cleaning services visit

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